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Attorney at law Ninković & Partners has been practicing law successfully for a number of years, where he has achieved a reputation of someone who effectively and productively deals with complex issues of law.

Our barrister's office has been briefed in a large number of significant litigations and is one of those dynamic offices in which experience and youth play an important role.

Apart from representing foreign and domestic legal and physical persons I the office has provided its services in the process of privatization, consulting services, legal due diligence creating, registration of all kinds of economic association organising as well as it has provided all types of legal services by now.

We meet the needs of our clients in all fields of cooperation with the state insitutions, enabling them to make contacts and offering them all other kinds of support and cooperation. The barrister's office Ninkovic, performing its lawyer activities, does not provide services in the field of the criminal law.

Work Area


Commercial and corporative law are two very dinamic and complex branches of law, therefore Law office Ninković & Partners provides services in various areas of commercial and corporative law, by representing domestic and foreign persons before all courts, state authorities, administrative bodies, through advising on important transactions, strategic investments, all in different sectors of industry: oil industry, aeronautical industry, farmaceutical industry etc.

Foreign Direct Investments

Foreign Direct Investments

In the last few years, Law office Ninković & Partners has been a part of projects of World bank, Europian bank for reconstruction and development, as well as IPA 16, IPA 17, IPA 18 projects, where through its advisory opinion and elaboration of a detailed legal report for desired goals and programs, has acquired an immeasurable experience in drafting and auditing, not only the tender documentation, but also all the other programs and modalities that have appeared in the meantime.



Our Law office has decades long experience in litigation, ranging from simple to exceptionally complex cases, so it provides a certain weight in relation to the client, especially given the longevity of litigation and lack of timeliness of state authorities in decision-making.

Of course, before entering into litigation, we always strive to reach a peacefull solution to a potential dispute.

We strongly emphasize that we will in every single case present your situation to the court in the best and most efficient manner, and all of that with the aim to finalize the dispute in your favor.

Labour law

Labour law

Since labour law is constantly evolving, in accordance with domestic and international regulations, Law office Ninković & Partners is primarily providing help in preventing problems in legal and labour relations, but also relevant legal support in a potential labour dispute.

Our clients are employers as well as employees, therefore we gained a significant experience in regulating all kinds of labour relations, drafting individual and general acts of an employer, drafting work contracts, service contracts and providing legal advice and opinion.

Law Of Inheritance And Family Law

Law Of Inheritance And Family Law

Sometimes the most difficult disputes are the ones that permeate human destiny and enter the secrets of our lives.

Guided by this thought, primarily we offer help for our clients in planing the allocation of their assets, in the form of drafting a will, lifetime support agreement etc.

On the other side, by representing clients in court, we are giving our full comitment to disputes arising from set law branches. Although, legally speaking those aren’t complicated disputes, often they require full understanding, so Law office Ninković & Partners will always make sure you come out of these disputes with your head held high.



Bearing in mind contemporary market conditions and business operations conducted by companies, there is a growing need for drafting the most diverse contracts in the area of franchising.

The popularity of franchising is mainly contributed by the fact that the franchisee has already built a successful model, experience and strong logistics.

Since franchising is a whole bussines system, Law office Ninković & Partners is fully engaged in this area, and in addition to drafting all types of contracts, it also provides complete legal advice services in order to create a sustainable business model.


Real Estate And Building

The real estate market is constantly changing, and there is great uncertainty and distrust in complicated legal procedures concerning the construction, sale, lease of real estate, legalization of illegally constructed buildings etc.

Ninković & Partners Law Office, with its presence on the market and numerous business contacts, has made it easier for many of our buyers and sellers to find the best business or residential space.

In cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign investors, we provide clients with fast and efficient access to potential facilities, with all previous checks and without intermediaries.


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Attorney at law Ninković & Partners.