About Us

Lawyer Dragan R. Ninković in cooperation with lawyer Srđan Ilinčić, has been practicing law successfully for a number of years, where he has achieved a reputation of someone who effectively and productively deals with complex issues of law.

Our barrister's office has been briefed in a large number of significant litigations and is one of those dynamic offices in which experience and youth play an important role.
Apart from representing foreign and domestic legal and physical persons I the office has provided its services in the process of privatization, consulting services, legal due diligence creating, registration of all kinds of economic association organising as well as it has provided all types of legal services by now.

We meet the needs of our clients in all fields of cooperation with the state insitutions, enabling them to make contacts and offering them all other kinds of support and cooperation. The barrister's office Ninkovic, performing its lawyer activities, does not provide services in the field of the criminal law.